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Gold Mountain - Belfair Repeater Site
Building Interior Images

Before images not currently available.

 I believe we started with three cabinet mounted repeater units.


To the left are three similar looking repeater units now mounted in an equipment rack configuration. The repeaters are programmed as follows:

Olympic Region Canal repeater (above)

 DNR State E repeater (center)

SPS Region Belfair repeater (bottom)


Here's another view of the current equipment installation at Gold Mountain. On our most recent visit, the SPS Belfair repeater was programmed for analog narrowband and a temporary battery back-up was installed on the SPS and State  units along with the necessary programming to regulate battery charging. Parts are currently on order to also include  the Olympic repeater on the battery back-up system.




Here's a closer look at the Gold Mountain temporary battery back-up installation sitting on the floor just below the Belfair repeater components. The red and black wiring provide short term 24 volt DC back-up power to the Motorola Quantar repeaters in the event of AC power failure. The batteries are charged by one of the Quantar units as determined by PC programming. The other units are programmed to "go along for the ride", but take advantage of the battery back-up if needed. Temperature sensors are attached to the gray wiring that enters the white battery container. Each sensor provides battery temperature data to it's respective Quantar to allow the battery charging algorithm to be modified based on battery temperature. Only the sensor connected to the Quantar enabled for charging is used. The others are connected to quickly allow charging capabilities to be transferred to another unit in the event of an equipment failure. More battery back-up info can be found on the Grass Mountain (Greenwater) Repeater Interior Upgrade page.  An FCC license is located in the document enclosure.


Gold Mountain - Current Status Highlights (Interior) 10-20-2003



  • Consolidation of the area and state repeaters into an equipment rack configuration.

  • Area repeater PC programming for transition to the new narrowband system.

  • Installation of a temporary battery back up system for both repeaters.

  • Internal building grounding for lightning protection needs to be reworked including coaxial cable lightning suppression devices at entrance panel.

  • Final antenna configuration needs to be agreed upon.

  • Final plan for permanent battery back-up needs to be agreed upon.

Questions? ... Comments? ... Rob Lee, DNR Radio Operations, Olympia
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