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Grass Mountain - Greenwater Repeater Site
Before and After Building Exterior Images

Before: 9-24-2003

After: 10-1-2003
The images above reveal the repair and upgrading of the Greenwater (Area B) repeater antenna. Looks like the antenna may have taken a beating during the winter. Andy Osborn can be seen in the lower portion of the right image, at the tower 35ft level, installing one of three grounding devices required on the antenna coaxial cable to meet Motorola R-56 communications site standards.


The image to the left shows Andy installing the second grounding upgrade as mentioned above. 

Mt Rainier as seen from Grass Mountain on an overcast October day - Image: Rob Lee

Grass Mountain - Current Status Highlights (Exterior) 10-6-2003



Repair apparent winter weather damage to repeater antenna .

Reroute antenna coaxial cable on tower and at entrance to ice bridge at base of tower to aid in meeting R-56 site standards and to better resist winter weather conditions.

Installation of antenna coaxial grounding devices near the antenna, at the base of the tower and at the building coaxial cable entrance panel to conform to R-56 standards.


No pending exterior issues.

Questions? ... Comments? ... Rob Lee, DNR Radio Operations, Olympia
Information updated: 01-16-05