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South Mountain - Shelton Repeater Site
Before and After Building Exterior Images

Before (08-07-2003)

After (09-25-2003)
Above images show the old and new antenna installation at the South Mtn radio site


Seems like there is almost always some sort of interesting weather on the radio site trips. Here's a view of the valley just west of the South Mountain ridge.





Here's a view of Rainier in the distance taken during a descent  from South Mountain in the late afternoon.


South Mountain - Current Status Highlights (Exterior) 10-4-2003



Fabrication of new antenna mounting and installation of new fiberglass antenna.

Complete replacement of semi-rigid coaxial cable between antenna and communications equipment shelter.

Addition of coaxial cable lightning protection grounding devices at antenna, base of tower and entrance to shelter to meet Motorola R-56 communication site standards.

No exterior items pending

Questions? ... Comments? ... Rob Lee, DNR Radio Operations, Olympia
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