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Puyallup Ridge is somewhat unique with respect to other South Puget Sound Region radio sites in that there is no commercial or generator power available. One solution to this situation is to generate power using photovoltaic solar arrays, more commonly known as solar panels. The solar panels, in conjunction with a charge regulator and rather large heavy storage batteries make up the power system for the remote Puyallup Ridge radio site. Each of the blue colored arrays above have the potential of generating up to 200 watts of power depending on sunlight conditions. The array on the right is used to power DNR radio equipment. The array on the left is used by the local fire district to power radio equipment to achieve reliable fire communications to the Ashford area.

DNR Radio Operations uses low power consumption equipment manufactured by Daniels, a Victoria B.C. based company, at solar and other alternative power sites as opposed to the more commonly used Motorola Quantar. At these sites where available power is at a premium, the very low power consumption of  Daniels equipment makes it the preferred choice.

At an elevation of nearly 5000 feet, Puyallup Ridge has quite a scenic view. On a clear day, the Olympics, a few Canadian peaks, Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Mount Adams, Mount St Helens and Mount Hood are visible along with a spectacular view of Mount Rainier.

Although no longer used, the DNR fire lookout, constructed in 1964, is now on the National Historic Lookout Register. More information concerning the Puyallup Ridge fire lookout can be found at this URL:


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Eatonville Repeater - Puyallup Ridge
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Eatonville Repeater - Puyallup Ridge
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