Washington State Department of Natural Resources

IT - Radio Operations Staff

Andy Osborn - Radio 29
Senior Telecommunications Specialist
Enumclaw / Olympia

Rob Lee - Radio 28  (Webmaster)
Senior Telecommunications Specialist
Olympia / Enumclaw

Larry Gruber - Parks Radio 10
Senior Telecommunications Specialist
Olympia / Issaquah

Sometimes the mountain top weather leaves a little to be desired as seen on this damp foggy fall morning.
The image above represents the best weather we have seen to date in our travels to Rattlesnake.
DNR Tower (center), DNR Building (background lower left) - Image: Larry Gruber 9-11-2003

Questions? ... Comments? ... Rob Lee, DNR IT - Radio Operations, Olympia

North Bend Repeater - Rattlesnake
Mountain top radio site work from previous seasons

Building InteriorImages

Shelton Repeater

South Mt - 2820 ft
Greenwater Repeater

Grass Mt - 4382 ft
Eatonville Repeater

Puyallup Ridge - 4877 ft
Belfair Repeater

Gold Mt - 1761 ft

North Bend Repeater

Rattlesnake Mt

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