Washington State Department of Natural Resources

IT - Radio Operations Staff

Andy Osborn - Radio 29
Senior Telecommunications Specialist
Enumclaw / Olympia

Rob Lee - Radio 28  (Webmaster)
Senior Telecommunications Specialist
Olympia / Enumclaw

Larry Gruber - Parks Radio 10
Senior Telecommunications Specialist
Olympia / Issaquah

The above image was taken on 08-06-2003. Since that time, the tower utilized by DNR and others has undergone some major changes.
Click on the link below to view the configuration as of 09-15-04.
South Mountain Tower Changes
Image: Rob Lee

Questions? ... Comments? ... Rob Lee, DNR IT - Radio Operations, Olympia

Shelton Repeater
South Mountain - Recent Changes
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Information uploaded 01-01-05

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2004 Tower Changes
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Olympia Radio Operations Project 25 Dual Repeater Test Unit

Shelton Repeater - South Mountain
Mountain top radio site work from previous seasons

Building ExteriorImages

Building Interior  Images

Shelton Repeater

South Mt - 2820 ft
Greenwater Repeater

Grass Mt - 4382 ft
Eatonville Repeater

Puyallup Ridge - 4877 ft
Belfair Repeater

Gold Mt - 1761 ft

North Bend Repeater

Rattlesnake Mt

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