As a result of a request for a museum station club license, early in 1995 the Radio Club of Tacoma established the "Doc" Spike W7OS* Antique Wireless Museum in honor of one of the club's most influential members during it's early days. The museum is housed in the former "Doc" Spike residence at 1249 South Washington Street, Tacoma Washington. The "Doc's" former residence also serves as the clubhouse for the Radio Club of Tacoma.

* Dr F Clifford "Doc" Spike W7OS (1900 - 1991)

Acqusition of the W7OS callsign for the museum was a result of the efforts of Rob Lee, K7TGU, the museum curator during the mid 1990's along with the encouragement of Al Burleson then KC7DDA now K7HW. The initial museum station callsign, KC7KDM, was issued on April 6th, 1995. Then the wait began for the W7OS callsign to become available for reissue. Promptly on the day W7OS became available a request to have the vanity call assigned to the museum was made. On November 4th, 1996 the W7OS callsign was assigned to the museum station license.
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